Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some of my favourite things!

So we thought we would bring in the new year somewhere else......Canberra! i know i know not the beachside cabin i had in mind but.....Canberra is amazing! More on that later.

What do us girls do when we go away? We cull our makeup bags to fit in our overnight bags, this is a new ritual for me as i have not been wearing make-up long GASP! you say at 23 (in a week) i should have been wearing it sue me. But since i have i have finally found my favourite, but being on holiday isn't about looking amazing every day, its about having fun and relaxing. Here are some of my favourites.

Going clockwise: MAC Sheertone blush, Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter (travel size), australis Paparazzi Perfect High definition Tinted Moisturiser (has amazing coverage but still light), Moroccan Oil hair treatment, Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition and Mac Lady Gaga Mascara.

They all range from low to mid range pricing, australis tinted moisturiser is under $15!!

Next post: Canberra, highs and lows.


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