Monday, May 31, 2010

Raining Cats And Dogs

What a horrible day, it was raining bucketloads today and it just kept getting worse......

So this morning Nick took a Flex day from work, ahh the joys of working for the government. We went over to Koorong and as always spent hours there, its just so hard not to. I bought my best friend a bible to hopefully encourage her to think about Christian life, i also bought some guides for the new and old testament so please pray for that. While we were there nick bought a preparation for marriage and engagement and its amazing its called Look Before you leap and i would recommend it to anyone looking at getting engaged, it asks a lot of questions that you don't think of or if you do are generally to hard to ask.

The Losers the movie, which we saw this afternoon was so good really good action, really funny.

Bible study starts again tomorrow, we are having a social night and going out to dinner, but i really miss small bible study the focus on specific parts of the bible and being able to talk about it with each other. The strength finder course we did was really great, it really helped me to discover my strengths and would recommend it to anyone in a church to their pastor to maybe have a short series on it.

Till another day...........

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Purple Nail polish

Okay so i had a manicure and i absolutely love the colour its so cool. Anyhoo so Its getting close nick is avoiding going into Michael hill and giving me any kind of time frame, the last time we went in there to check on the valuation the woman let it slip that nick wanted it by June. So today when we were walking by the shop i suggested to nick he go in and check on the ring and he flatly said no he doesn't want to......HE HAS NEVER SAID THAT BEFORE like seriously he is so pedantic about it and he just did care today something is up.......hmmm


I have gone a little crazy with the editing of my blog hope you like it.
So i saw this in bridetobe magazine and i love this look. The last wedding i went to had round tables.....and I liked that but i love this look, and it is also just really funky.

Tonight to bond with the future family i went to the Australian Chamber Orchestra with Nicks Father, it was great we had dinner and was fun.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Late i know....

So... it has been a little while since my last post but here is how things are going.

The ring is in at Michael Hill Jewellers. The only problem is that we need a valuation done for the insurance and their valuer has gone AWOL so for the moment i have to sit in waiting. Another exciting thing that is going on is that every day Nick ask's me how i want him to propose, so it must be coming soon.

My gosh this is so stressful i never thought that this whole process would take so long, its rea;;y not like it is in the movies..........till next time