Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A long time in between

It has been a while....and theres not too many of you to miss me, but here i am!

It is now 72 days till the big day, and i could not be more excited. With so much still to do i.e: Invites, engagement shoot, boys suits, dress alterations,  wedding favours and so much more, me needing surgery on my knee is the last thing i kneaded (geddit?)

Thanks to an amazing workplace, and my new macbook, and daily readings of a lot of wedding blogs, its being done at home.

Since i last posted a lot has happened. Such as me having to say goodbye to my best friend as maid of honour (her huge work commitments and our growing older and apart). The implementation of my 2 favourite girls in the world in her place. Since we had already bought 3 BM dresses that were on sale and discontinued, i have decided to have mismatched BM dresses!

My original dresses are just tea length black party dresses (not my The new ones are going to be completely different, so here are a few of my faves:

The last one is the front runner for me atm but.......we'll see how everyone feels in them, And what the other BM's think about them.

Cheerio for now

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