Sunday, December 11, 2011

Man I Feel Stupid

I thought my post had saved.....oops!

Anyway sorry for the long time in between i am asking to be excused because of the wedding planning. It has been a long journey (18 months yes thats a year and a half!) of engagement, but its finally done. I am now Mrs Isobelle Carlton. We had the most amazing day, filled with love, friends and fun, and while not everything went right *did i lose enough weight? was my dress perfect? did everyone have fun? do i have a double chin in most of the photo's? (yes)* It helped me realise that the reason for all the stress, drama and a bit of fun was that i got to marry the man of my dreams. I got to stand up in front of my friends and family and promise to love my husband forever and to reflect God in our marriage.

Some of you may know the drama that surrounds my family. I am not close/speaking with my mother, and it was very hard for me during the planning process to not have my mother involved. I did however have my MIL (mother in law) to help me. One thing that i was super stressed about was the fact that i do not have much family, and would any of them be able to come. Well i was surprised by my amazing Aunty, who made the trip all the way from sunny old England to be there ------->

My Grandmother and Grandfather came and so did my Great Aunty traveled all the way from Queensland to be there as well. Another thing that was worrying me, was my dad. He is 75 years old and
not the most mobile gent, he is also painfully shy and all the way though planning the wedding he kept say he didn't want to walk me down the aisle. He put away all his fears and did it! He even had a dance with me at the reception. I know how hard it was for him but i will be forever grateful to him for that.

My bridesmaids......although there was so much drama we had a great time. They all helped and made the day great. 2 of the girls (who are not married) stayed over the night before and along with Sheree we stayed up drinking wine and eating chocolate and watched Bridesmaids......well about 5 mins of it before i fell asleep. It was one of those girly sleepover nights that now we are older we dont get to have much anymore, but i hope to now.......although i dont think Nick will enjoy it as much.

I have uploaded a few photo's. Tell me what you think.

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  1. Amazing photos!
    I loved hanging out with you and the single bridesmaids the night before the wedding! And what a beautiful wedding it was. So happy for you guys. xx