Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Happily ever afters and drastic changes!

In the week past a lot has changed! I have taken some extended leave from work, chopped all my hair off and witness some amazing friends get married!

So lets start with the Hair.....I have not had a major hair cut in oh.....5 years or so! I tossed up the idea of having short hair about a year ago and then remembered i'm getting married, better keep it long. So i am now married so i decided to get rid of some unwanted baggage.

I went from this (excuse the face its the only picture i could find that showed how long my hair was)

To this! My hair was so long and thick i could not stand it any longer.

From near my belly button (i dont think the first photo gives it justice) to the Pob.....YAY

Yesterday i saw two very gorgeous people get married! Its so hard going to another wedding so close to my own, so many comparisons. I always knew it would be a beautiful wedding but WOA serious dress envy. But most of all it was romantic and very them, you could feel their love and their personality through the whole ceremony. They are an amazing, Godly couple who i know will have a great marriage and a wonderful family (ridiculously good looking kids in their future).  be I wont be posting pictures of the wedding itself as i am sure she will love to do that herself.

 My great friend Warrick.

 My gorgeous husband.

Till next time ...

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