Monday, January 9, 2012

Au revoir

Due to creative differences i have decided to say goodbye to this blog. I love blogging but there is a glitch, so i am saying goodbye.

I have started a new blog you can visit at

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Adventure

Bringing in the new year is always an exciting event, for me i have never been the party girl and by 12:01 i often feel like nothing has changed. This year we decided to get away, being 22 and just freshly married and working in retail, we are a little.....skint. After trawling stayz for days..(pardon the rhyme) and deciding that the Hunter valley is a bit exxy for us, we settled on Canberra our nations capital.

We Left really early and headed straight to the war memorial. The war memorial is so amazing, very haunting.

The photo below is all the men who died on the death march, thats over a thousand photo's. It makes it so much more real when you see the young faces of the men who died in Borneo.

The memory wall, the poppies are so beautiful.

If i had to recommend one attraction in Canberra, it would be The National Zoo. The enclosures are so open you can get really close to the animals, it wasn't overcrowded, just amazing. Then again i am a sucker for animals, so there you go.

(a little Tamarin so cute, kinda like a gremlin though)

I love Giraffes 

Something we were a little sceptical about was Questacon. We were so wrong though, so much fun! Totally not just for kids.

We also visited The National Gallery. It was a little lost on us......some were amazing though.

KoKo Black Chocolate bar, Kinda like Max Brenner but a lot cheaper and such a cute store.

(this is how all chocolate should be wrapped)

We stayed for one night at the Hotel Realm, all i can say is WOW, nespresso coffee machine in the room with pods, free Madison and Vogue Living.

L'Occitane Bathroom amenities.

Our new years was spent at Charlie Blacks in Manuka, such a cute town, some amazing stores and all tree  lined streets and huge houses.

I love canberra and i cannot wait to go back. My husband being a Town Planner went nuts with the street layout and how well it is planned. There were even discussions on whether to move there.

One this i didnt like is that there is no free parking anywhere! Everything is Metred and even the Canberra Centre doesn't have 3hrs free parking like Syd.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some of my favourite things!

So we thought we would bring in the new year somewhere else......Canberra! i know i know not the beachside cabin i had in mind but.....Canberra is amazing! More on that later.

What do us girls do when we go away? We cull our makeup bags to fit in our overnight bags, this is a new ritual for me as i have not been wearing make-up long GASP! you say at 23 (in a week) i should have been wearing it sue me. But since i have i have finally found my favourite, but being on holiday isn't about looking amazing every day, its about having fun and relaxing. Here are some of my favourites.

Going clockwise: MAC Sheertone blush, Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter (travel size), australis Paparazzi Perfect High definition Tinted Moisturiser (has amazing coverage but still light), Moroccan Oil hair treatment, Marc Jacobs Daisy Limited Edition and Mac Lady Gaga Mascara.

They all range from low to mid range pricing, australis tinted moisturiser is under $15!!

Next post: Canberra, highs and lows.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More Happily ever afters and drastic changes!

In the week past a lot has changed! I have taken some extended leave from work, chopped all my hair off and witness some amazing friends get married!

So lets start with the Hair.....I have not had a major hair cut in oh.....5 years or so! I tossed up the idea of having short hair about a year ago and then remembered i'm getting married, better keep it long. So i am now married so i decided to get rid of some unwanted baggage.

I went from this (excuse the face its the only picture i could find that showed how long my hair was)

To this! My hair was so long and thick i could not stand it any longer.

From near my belly button (i dont think the first photo gives it justice) to the Pob.....YAY

Yesterday i saw two very gorgeous people get married! Its so hard going to another wedding so close to my own, so many comparisons. I always knew it would be a beautiful wedding but WOA serious dress envy. But most of all it was romantic and very them, you could feel their love and their personality through the whole ceremony. They are an amazing, Godly couple who i know will have a great marriage and a wonderful family (ridiculously good looking kids in their future).  be I wont be posting pictures of the wedding itself as i am sure she will love to do that herself.

 My great friend Warrick.

 My gorgeous husband.

Till next time ...

Monday, December 12, 2011

A continuation of our little home.

So i decided to take some pictures of our little home. It is coming along well....i think.

 I have taken a lot of design tips from Sarah at Inspiration for our home.

Sunday afternoon Blues

What is the best way to beat the sunday afternoon blues? Shopping.......... grocery shopping? not so much (the first time is fun for newlyweds but it gets old quickly) So what is the best way to make the most out of a sucky situation? CostCo! They have so much more than groceries (Lee jeans for $12). I was a little disappointed in the fact that they dont have much variety, example 1 brand of ice cream and one flavour. The crowds turned me off.......its mob mentality and it makes it hard to shop. We got lots of goodies, my favourite of which is this gem, we got 3 for $19! and seeing as we got our Nespresso Pod machine for our wedding we can now take espresso with us on the way to work!
Was it worth our $60 membership fee?.......i would say yes. We wont have to go shopping again for a month, we had to do a top up shop at Coles but we are covered for everything else.

Since i havent blogged for a long time, i havent been able to share Casa De Carlton or as we call it The Ritz Carlton. So i am going to share some pictures f how it's coming a long. Its very small but perfect for us and a constant work in progress.

 When we rented the apartment, the gentleman that lived here before had some ghastly shelves all along one wall. So we are in the process of covering all the holes with pictures. We are waiting to get our Wedding photo's to fill the rest!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Man I Feel Stupid

I thought my post had saved.....oops!

Anyway sorry for the long time in between i am asking to be excused because of the wedding planning. It has been a long journey (18 months yes thats a year and a half!) of engagement, but its finally done. I am now Mrs Isobelle Carlton. We had the most amazing day, filled with love, friends and fun, and while not everything went right *did i lose enough weight? was my dress perfect? did everyone have fun? do i have a double chin in most of the photo's? (yes)* It helped me realise that the reason for all the stress, drama and a bit of fun was that i got to marry the man of my dreams. I got to stand up in front of my friends and family and promise to love my husband forever and to reflect God in our marriage.

Some of you may know the drama that surrounds my family. I am not close/speaking with my mother, and it was very hard for me during the planning process to not have my mother involved. I did however have my MIL (mother in law) to help me. One thing that i was super stressed about was the fact that i do not have much family, and would any of them be able to come. Well i was surprised by my amazing Aunty, who made the trip all the way from sunny old England to be there ------->

My Grandmother and Grandfather came and so did my Great Aunty traveled all the way from Queensland to be there as well. Another thing that was worrying me, was my dad. He is 75 years old and
not the most mobile gent, he is also painfully shy and all the way though planning the wedding he kept say he didn't want to walk me down the aisle. He put away all his fears and did it! He even had a dance with me at the reception. I know how hard it was for him but i will be forever grateful to him for that.

My bridesmaids......although there was so much drama we had a great time. They all helped and made the day great. 2 of the girls (who are not married) stayed over the night before and along with Sheree we stayed up drinking wine and eating chocolate and watched Bridesmaids......well about 5 mins of it before i fell asleep. It was one of those girly sleepover nights that now we are older we dont get to have much anymore, but i hope to now.......although i dont think Nick will enjoy it as much.

I have uploaded a few photo's. Tell me what you think.