Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Years Adventure

Bringing in the new year is always an exciting event, for me i have never been the party girl and by 12:01 i often feel like nothing has changed. This year we decided to get away, being 22 and just freshly married and working in retail, we are a little.....skint. After trawling stayz for days..(pardon the rhyme) and deciding that the Hunter valley is a bit exxy for us, we settled on Canberra our nations capital.

We Left really early and headed straight to the war memorial. The war memorial is so amazing, very haunting.

The photo below is all the men who died on the death march, thats over a thousand photo's. It makes it so much more real when you see the young faces of the men who died in Borneo.

The memory wall, the poppies are so beautiful.

If i had to recommend one attraction in Canberra, it would be The National Zoo. The enclosures are so open you can get really close to the animals, it wasn't overcrowded, just amazing. Then again i am a sucker for animals, so there you go.

(a little Tamarin so cute, kinda like a gremlin though)

I love Giraffes 

Something we were a little sceptical about was Questacon. We were so wrong though, so much fun! Totally not just for kids.

We also visited The National Gallery. It was a little lost on us......some were amazing though.

KoKo Black Chocolate bar, Kinda like Max Brenner but a lot cheaper and such a cute store.

(this is how all chocolate should be wrapped)

We stayed for one night at the Hotel Realm, all i can say is WOW, nespresso coffee machine in the room with pods, free Madison and Vogue Living.

L'Occitane Bathroom amenities.

Our new years was spent at Charlie Blacks in Manuka, such a cute town, some amazing stores and all tree  lined streets and huge houses.

I love canberra and i cannot wait to go back. My husband being a Town Planner went nuts with the street layout and how well it is planned. There were even discussions on whether to move there.

One this i didnt like is that there is no free parking anywhere! Everything is Metred and even the Canberra Centre doesn't have 3hrs free parking like Syd.

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