Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday afternoon Blues

What is the best way to beat the sunday afternoon blues? Shopping.......... grocery shopping? not so much (the first time is fun for newlyweds but it gets old quickly) So what is the best way to make the most out of a sucky situation? CostCo! They have so much more than groceries (Lee jeans for $12). I was a little disappointed in the fact that they dont have much variety, example 1 brand of ice cream and one flavour. The crowds turned me off.......its mob mentality and it makes it hard to shop. We got lots of goodies, my favourite of which is this gem, we got 3 for $19! and seeing as we got our Nespresso Pod machine for our wedding we can now take espresso with us on the way to work!
Was it worth our $60 membership fee?.......i would say yes. We wont have to go shopping again for a month, we had to do a top up shop at Coles but we are covered for everything else.

Since i havent blogged for a long time, i havent been able to share Casa De Carlton or as we call it The Ritz Carlton. So i am going to share some pictures f how it's coming a long. Its very small but perfect for us and a constant work in progress.

 When we rented the apartment, the gentleman that lived here before had some ghastly shelves all along one wall. So we are in the process of covering all the holes with pictures. We are waiting to get our Wedding photo's to fill the rest!

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